Education, Diversity, and Growth in the Economy

What We Do

The California EDGE Coalition advances state workforce policy and investments to create economic mobility
for all Californians.

The Challenge

Post-secondary education and training is the gateway to economic mobility for both individuals and their communities. But too many Californians run into closed doors when they try to access opportunities. California thrives and prospers based upon the diversity, skills, and strength of its people. We are working across sectors to unlock doors so that more people have the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities needed in today’s labor market.

Our Policy Agenda

We believe our state’s education and training institutions can work together effectively to provide skills development for all Californians. And we need to pay special attention to individuals who have been barred from opportunity in the past, are now the majority of our workforce, and will drive California’s future.
The California EDGE Coalition Policy Agenda highlights common-sense strategies that state policy makers can enact to invest in workforce education and training to promote our vision – a broadly shared prosperity.

Support Career Education

Value education that prepares people for careers, is adequately funded, meets the needs of both students and the regional labor market, and evolves to address the changing nature of work. 

Create Visible and Smooth Pathways To Middle-Class Jobs

Align and articulate multiple paths through courses that will lead to certificates, credentials, and degrees needed to develop a solid career.  

Eliminate barriers and expand supports for learner access, progress, and success.

Invest in comprehensive supports such as financial aid, student advising, and navigational assistance, especially for those from traditionally underserved populations. 

Provide Access To Skill Upgrade Training And Other Educational Opportunities

Create new strategies for skill development, including approaches that acknowledge current skills and are accessible to individuals that need to work while they acquire competencies needed to move up the career ladder.


Develop strategies and supports to lower the barriers to education and training for people who’ve been disconnected from both school and work.

Invest In Regional Workforce Strategies To Build Prosperous Communities And Competitive Industries

Improve collaboration among workforce education and training institutions and work in concert with business and labor to be responsive to different labor market needs in each region of the state.

Develop A Shared Vision With Measurable Goals, and Monitor Progress

Articulate a shared vision for California’s future that includes certificate and degree attainment goals and create a comprehensive data system to identify outcomes and progress in meeting these goals and close the state’s skill and equity gaps.  

A Policy Agenda for Shared Prosperity

The California EDGE Coalition’s new policy agenda proposes a series of recommendations that we believe will help California achieve the twin goals of economic dynamism and widespread economic opportunity.

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