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2021- 2022

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CA EDGE Coalition’s Overview of the Enacted 2021-22 State Budget

On July 12th, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the 2021-22 State Budget Act, a historic $262.6 billion spending plan fueled by a $76 billion state surplus and $27 billion in aid from the federal government.
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EDGE’s Summary of the Governor’s May Revision

On May 14, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom released the May Revision, building upon the January budget proposal and making major investments totaling $100 billion in the areas of education, workforce training, economic recovery, broadband access, and support services for underserved Californians.
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Highlights of the Governor’s May Revision

Governor Gavin Newsom released his May Revision on May 14th, proposing significant investments that seek to support workers, businesses, education and training programs, and undeserved communities.
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California EDGE Coalition’s Summary of the 2021-22 Governor’s Proposed Budget

On January 8th, Governor Newsom unveiled the 2021-2022 proposed state budget with a total of $227.2 billion in critical funding.

2020- 2021

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California EDGE Coalition Final State Budget Summary July 1, 2020

On June 29th, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the 2020-21 State budget after months of discussions on how to leverage limited state resources to support all Californians and ensure the State’s most underserved communities are protected.
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CA EDGE Coalition’s Summary of Governor Newsom’s 20/21 State Budget

On June 22nd, Governor Newsom and the Legislature reached an agreement on a final 2020-21 state spending plan.
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CA EDGE Coalition’s Budget Summary of the 2020-21 May Revision

California Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled the May Revise to the 2020-21 State Budget, and as expected, there are heavy adjustments and cuts to various initiatives and proposals due to the fiscal impact of the COVID-19 crisis.
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CA EDGE Coalition’s Summary of Governor Newsom’s 20/21 State Budget

The CA EDGE Coalition applauds Governor Newsom for making significant investments in the areas of education and workforce development in this year’s January budget plan.

2019- 2020

Governor's Budget Proposal 2019-20

As California enters another budgeting year with a projected surplus, the Governor’s Budget Proposal continues its focus on investing in strategies aimed at providing students and workers with the education and training that leads to good jobs and upward mobility. Here are highlights from the proposed Budget:

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May Revise

Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom released the May Revision to his proposed state budget. The revised budget continues the Administration’s focus on promoting prosperity for all Californians, while maintaining fiscal sustainability for the state at large.

With revenue growth slightly higher than was previously projected, the revised budget makes investments into the state’s reserves and pays down current state debts, while simultaneously increasing support to those most in need. 

Final 2019-2020 Budget

The 2019-20 Budget Bill funds the creation of a LONGITUDINAL DATA SYSTEM to inform the public and policymakers, make it easier for students and parents to navigate the educational pipeline, and close equity gaps in educational outcomes. 

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