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Providing Opportunity for California’s Low Wage Workers

California’s workforce earned less than $13.63 per hour, two-thirds of the median wage of a full-time worker. Unless California’s education and training institutions address the skill needs of low-wage workers income inequality will continue to grow as larger numbers of Californians face barriers to economic mobility.


Report Author: The California EDGE Coalition Date: July 2018 Website: This installment of the Workforce Brief Series titled “Providing Opportunity California’s Low Wage Workers” describes our recommended strategies to provide low-skilled working Californians access to skills upgrade training and other educational opportunities by redesigning programs, expanding workplace learning, and building partnerships with business and industry. To learn more, download the full text of the article here.

By the Numbers – California’s Low-Wage Workforce


of California Workers are earning less than $13.63 per hour


of California’s low-wage workers are under the age of 30


of California’s low-wage workers are Latino


of California’s low-wage workers are employed in retail, restaurants, and various service industries.

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